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Why choose our services?
In todays world the cost of computers is going going down but computer repair companies still charge an arm and a leg for their services. Sometimes it's easier to just buy a new machine rather than spending hundreds to have the  old one fixed.  Our goal is to provide a cost affordable  solution to computer troubles that will keep you living and working at your own convienience.  As a locally owned small business we live and work in the community with our customers and we strive every day to make life a little easier for our neighbors.
About Me:
As an IT professional I have been working in the industry for the last 4 years serving clients in both small business and enterprise environements and have been helping friends and family with their IT problems since I was a kid. I also have a wealth of experience in customer service to help shed light on the difficult computer problems you face. 

After seeing the lack of affordable options for IT solutons, I started my own business to try and better serve the community I live in. I'm determined to deliver personal service, stright to your door at a price that makes it worth getting your computer fixed. You shouldn't have to live with a needlessly slow computer or spend an arm and a leg fixing it.